Kilby "Pick" Pitcairn

Elder Shieldbearer of the Dorenbarren Ninth Army, Munitions Division


12th level Dwarven Warlord


Pick is ancient, even for a dwarf. At the ripe old age of 175, he has seen a great many things. However, his creaky joints and fading eyesight has reduced his effectiveness. Pick decided long ago to die with his boots on and he has no intention of retiring from the army. Of course, the army has a way of dealing with undesirables, and so they transferred him to the small detachment of troops guarding the out of the way Kyan weapons depot as a way of trying to force his retirement. Pick just grinned and bore the insult with his typical wit.

He befriended Graff Stoneskin while the two were stationed together and the younger dwarf learned much about being a warlord under his tutelage. Recently, it was discovered that Pick may know a lot more about Graff’s origin than even Graff may know.

He is currently fighting the goblins to the west with Braiden Pebbletosser’s small guard and Torvok’s Kyan Town Guard.

Kilby "Pick" Pitcairn

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