Torvok the Silent

Guardchief of Kyan


9th Level Half-Elf Ranger


Torvok’s father, an elf from Gladenspire was among the original founders of Kyan. Tymion Fellfeather was exploring the ruins of Feldmoss to the west when the humans began to build the settlement. Tymion fell in love with a beautiful human woman and fathered Torvok. Knowing that Torvok would never be accepted in Gladenspire, Tymion stayed in Kyan and watched his beautiful bride grow old and die. Not wanting to be apart from her, Tymion marched off into the Wildlands, never to be heard from again. Ever since, Torvok inherited the role of Guardchief from his father and, despite his grief, has spent all of his energy protecting the town and upholding his father’s legacy.

Torvok the Silent

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