Graff Stoneskin

Caught between a rock and a hard head.


Graff Stoneskin has always felt he was meant for greater things. Discontent and of low-rank, he spends most of his days as a guard in the Dorenbarren army drinking in the local tavern(an over-achiever, sometimes beginning very early in the day).

A warlord of commanding presence, great physical strength and a seemingly innate mastery of dwarven warhammers, he aches for the opportunity to test himself in battle. He is given the chance when the dwarven metal artisan, Brumbert Marblesmith, enters one of Stoneskin’s daily haunts. Marblesmith wishes to recruit adventurers to aide him in the recovery of precious cargo lost when his supply caravan was hijacked by a band of goblins.

Along with Sander Ravenclaw, Neville Nibblenoggin and Halvon Horstock, the two set out to recover Marblesmith’s lost treasure. However, things become far more complicated when the caravan hijacking turns out to be the precursor to an iminent attack on Stoneskin’s hometown.

The group tracks the goblin brigands to their hideout and eventually procures Marblesmith’s treasure, which they later discover to be a Warhammer of great power. According to Marblesmith, the hammer may very well wield the power to save or condemn all of Kalamay.

After a particularly bloody encounter in the goblins’ den, the adventurers agree that they could greatly benefit from the addition of a healer to their ranks. As fortune would have it, they make the acquaintance of Raeta Mar’e, an elven cleric who is in search of an elven tomb.

With good authority that the elven tomb she seeks may indeed be the location of the goblin legion’s stronghold, and believing his meeting with the cleric to be preordained, Stoneskin seeks a discharge from the Dorenbarren guard in order to accompany his new friends into the depths of the resting place of an ancient order of elven priests.

Graff receives his dismissal, but not before being confided-in by his old friend and mentor, Kilby “Pick” Pitcairn. He is told that the man who raised him was not his real father, and that he was indeed meant for much greater things than guarding a weapons depot in Dorenbarren.

Stoneskin is filled with questions. Who was my real father? What power does Marblesmith’s warhammer truly wield? Is it all connected somehow? Resolved to discover the truth behind it all, he sets out away from the walls of Dorenbarren and towards his destiny.

Graff Stoneskin

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