Sander Ravenclaw

Halfling rogue... loves mischief, kind of a prick.

  • 10 STR
  • 11 CON
  • 19 DEX
  • 10 INT
  • 15 WIS
  • 18 CHA
  • 11 Acrobatics
  • 0 Arcana
  • 0 Athletics
  • 9 Bluff
  • 4 Diplomacy
  • 2 Dungeoneer
  • 0 Endurance
  • 2 Healing
  • 0 History
  • 7 Insight
  • 4 Intimidate
  • 2 Nature
  • 7 Perception
  • 0 Religion
  • 9 Stealth
  • 4 Streetwise
  • 11 Thievery
  • Deft Strike
  • Sly Flourish
  • Positioning Strike
  • Trick Strike

Sander hails from a semi-respectable family in a halfling farming community. Not one to sit about and watch the crops grow, Sander found himself in trouble for most of his youth. He enjoys playing pranks on friends and enemies alike, sneaking about where he is not “allowed”, and stealing from everyone he meets. He uses his wit and charm to get out of trouble when he can, and his agility and small size to remove himself from the vicinity when he cannot. Thus far, Sander has proven able in combat; however, he has yet to face anything more fearsome than a few goblins.

Sander’s main goal in life is to explore. He is as far from his farm homeland as he has ever been in his life, and has never seen a large city. He has no enemies, but with his disrespectful attitude toward anyone in a position of authority that may soon change. Sander wants to perfect his roguish arts as he adventures in Kalamay, hopefully becoming the greatest thief of all time…

Sander Ravenclaw

Kalamay Sander