Halvon Horstock

Cerebral wizard intent on furthering his knowledge of the craft...


Halvon was born and raised in the town of Welcome Nest and grew up under the oppressive thumb of his minister father, Harrius Horstock. At a young age, Halvon realized he had no interest in pursuing the life of a cleric of Falcon, but his father pushed him into going through the motions.

One day, a wizard came through town and was accused of ensorceling a local young lady and deflowering her. The trial was presided over by Halvon’s father and was swift with the wizard found guilty of all charges. In accordance with the strict law of Welcome Nest, the wizard was stripped of all of his possessions, his hands crushed with hammers and his tongue cut out of his head to prevent the wizard from casting any demonic spells. Thus rendered useless, he was placed into a cage and hoisted over the town square. The falconry at the church was opened, and the birds swooped in, pecking the man to death over the course of the next few hours.

Halvon reviled at the sight of this grave injustice and grew determined to rebel against his father and the life he was being forced to lead. At night, he began to sneak into his father’s study and unlock the safe where Harrius had hid the wizard’s possesions. Over the course of the next few months, Halvon taught himself how to copy the wizard’s spellbook into the back of his hymnal and hide the spells through the use of the Secret Page ritual.

For years he studied these spells while his father’s prying eyes saw only a boy fervant in his love of the one true god. Eventually, Halvon taught himself most everything in the spellbook, but couldn’t quite master the Flaming Sphere spell. One night at the age of 18, determined to solve the riddle of the spell that haunted his dreams, Halvon snuck back into his father’s study and found the orb that the wizard had possessed. Using it to focus his energies, Halvon succeeded in bringing the Flaming Sphere to life.

Unfortunately, in the process, he managed to burn his family’s house down to the ground. When Harrius found the boy outside the smoking ruin of his home with the orb in his hand, he quickly understood what had happened. Furious, but not wanting his son to suffer the same fate of the wizard, Harrius immediately told Halvon to leave Welcome Nest and to never return, disowning him in the process.

Halvon hurried out into the night, with only the clothes on his back and the backpack he had stashed behind the old woodshed containg his hymnal and some traveling equipment for when this inevitability finally came to pass. With mixed emotions, Halvon set off with a simple goal in mind: To travel to Valmorrow and become the most powerful wizard Kalamay had ever known…

Then he was killed and dumped in a ditch.

Halvon Horstock

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