The Story Thus Far...

The Adventure Begins

Graff Stoneskin, Neville Nibblenoggin, Sander Ravenclaw and Halvon Horstock were recruited by a dwarf named Brumbert Marblesmith to track down the goblins who raided his caravan in an attempt to get back a stolen chest containing something quite valuable. Brumbert agreed to pay the PCs 1000gp for their trouble. In addition, Torvok, leader of the Town Guard agreed to pay the PCs 10gp per goblin ear retrieved.

Brumbert and the PCs tracked down the wrecked caravan only to discover the dead dwarven guards had been turned into vicious zombies. After defeating the zombies they tracked the goblins to their hideout killing a large viper along the way.

Once at the rear entrance of the hideout thanks to the directions of a helpful brownie, the PCs fought their way inside through a slew of goblins. Entering through the kitchen and turning one of the goblins into stew during the battle, they have made it into the heart of the lair. What will they find next?



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