Of Roombas and Dwights...

Fourth Gaming Session Notes, 4-25-09

The party awoke in the secret passage entrance to the Tomb of the Twin Goddesses hungry and with swollen bladders. After hearing the commotion of a literal wolf at the door, Sander relieved himself on the water-door mechanism, and the crew found themselves face to face with two startled hobgoblins and a pissed off gray wolf. Thanks to some crushing blows from Graff and good solid team tactics, the party carved through these adversaries with little trouble.

Exploring further into the tomb, Sander and Raeta figured out how to operate a secret door leading down into an alchemist’s lab. Neville obtained some strange tomes of lore and Sander downed a vial of milky-white liquid that turned out to be a healing potion. Raeta made another with the ingredients on hand, before the party became bored with the eerily lit room. Determining that there was some growling and scraping behind one of the doors, the party went through the other and discovered the wizard’s bedroom.

Doing what they do best, the party vandalized the room quickly. Sander smashed an expensive timepiece and grabbed a small amount of gold from the ruins. Raeta stole a robe out of the dresser and Neville peed on the rest. Sander activated the flame-trapped chest and stole a rainbow prism. Raeta peered under the bed to discover the Mystical Magical Roomba © and Neville turned it on, watching as it quickly cleaned up the room.

Raeta and Sander discovered a hidden panel that opened into a darkened closet containing many finely made swords and daggers. Raeta took a blue-steel longsword with a gorgeous blue leather pommel and Sander found a Flaming Dagger +1 with a dragon head pommel and two red rubies inset in the cross guard. Pleased with themselves, the party set back out into the tomb.

That’s when the ass kicking began. Stumbling into the Tomb of the Icy Night, the party succeeded in disabling the trapped step thanks to Sander and yet, still managed to wake the Chillborn Zombie defender of the tomb of this valorous ancient elven order of knights. He woke up two of his brothers, a Corruption Corpse and a Zombie Warrior and the rout was on fairly quickly. However, Sander landed a spectacular series of attacks and did a terrific back flip off of the dais, grabbing his dagger out of the trapped step on his way. Unfortunately, this doomed Neville and Graff as the 3’3” gnome dragged the 250 lb. immobilized dwarf to safety. They set off the trap, freeing the other Chillborn Zombie and taking the encounter from dangerous to unwinnable.

Thankfully, everyone realized it, and the party retreated allowing the Knights of the Icy Night to return to their deserved rest. The party then camped in the hallway for 40 minutes healing and debating the rules around encounter based powers. Once again it was proven that unless it is strictly forbidden, players will take advantage of everything they can think of.

Learning their lesson from the previous encounter, the party decided to leave the glowing red Tomb of the Radiant Day alone. They discovered a staircase leading down, and a staircase leading up, but decided to explore the one remaining door in the northern hallway. This led them into a massive worshipping hall for the Twin Goddesses. They had a brief conversation with a shadowy figure known only as Dwight, before he disliked the holy symbol around Raeta’s neck and summoned his wight minions to deal with the party. And deal with the party they did. A spectacularly poor showing on the part of the players, the one highlight of this battle was Raeta using her Turn Undead and Elven Precision in combination to smoke Dwight and blow another of the wights right through a pew.

Unfortunately, nobody else had much luck landing a solid blow and before long, people were bloodied, healing surges all but gone and still four wights pressed from all sides. It was a good thing that the wights could not leave the worship hall as a part of their unholy bargain for immortality. Still, even then, the battered and bloody group of heroes could do little but miss the nimble and writhing creatures. Eventually, they slinked off to their pools to sleep in their slimy homes.

The party, almost as though they had received some guidance from a higher power, eventually determined that to cleanse the worship hall, they needed to let the sun in. Raeta and Graff combined to solve the puzzle with a solid climb and a rudimentary torch, burning the blackened drapes from the stained glass window and letting the late afternoon sun into burn out the wights and restore the temple to what it once was.

With their powers depleted and their bodies weary, the party decided to push a pew in front of the door and take an extended rest on the somewhat comfortable pews. Raeta sensed that Leetaru had no presence in the temple any longer, so they went hog wild and ripped 15 aquamarine gems out of the altar before turning in for the night.

The party often seemed to question their motivation for exploring this tomb and felt that perhaps they weren’t ready to face the horrible creatures they did. As for motivation, I can only say that there is a goblin named N’Astirh somewhere in this tomb performing some ritual important enough for other goblins to die to protect him. Anyone curious what that’s all about? As for the level of difficulty, I can honestly say that it was a little unfair. However, this is a cursed tomb. Cursed! Ask Neville. He knows all about that.


The rules concerning encounter powers outside of battle are pretty cut and dry. We’re not taking advantage. We are learning a new system.

For posterity’s sake, I’d like to point out that I softened up Dwight when I first got in the room. Remember the one-two undead punch? I weaken the will save and Raeta uses the turn. I’m not trying to be a glory hog but…well, I guess I am trying to be a glory hog.


Of Roombas and Dwights...

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