Drunken Shenanigans and One Bad-Assed Goblin Commander

Second gaming session notes, 2-21-09

We picked up where we left off in November with Graff Stoneskin, Neville Nibblenoggin, Sander Ravenclaw and Halvon Horstock accompanying Brumbert Marblesmith on a quest to retrieve his chest from a lair of goblin bandits. The crew began to explore the lair but was quickly beset by a slew of enemies who were finally answering the clang of a bell rung three months ago. The party managed to lay out three gray wolves and a goblin skullcleaver named Har’kel, before Har’kel’s big brother Gra’msh showed up and started laying the smack down on our heroes with a little magic artillery from Or’do, the resident hexer. Brumbert was slain in battle quickly, and Graff was knocked unconscious. While Neville tended to Graff’s wounds with a potion of healing, Halvon ran around as best he could before being stabbed through the chest and killed on the spot.

Luckily for the rest of the beaten and bloodied party, Sander was able to deliver a solid backstab on Gra’msh and Graff ran down Or’do, bashing in his ugly face with his maul. Neville located a pact blade +1 in Or’do’s boot, and Sander found a suit of bloodcut leather armor +1. They also found Brumbert’s chest and deciding to call it a day, hightailed it back to town. Unfortunately, for Halvon, carrying two bodies that far proved too difficult and he was dumped unceremoniously in a ditch on the road from Dorenbar to Kyan.

Once back to town, the three met up with Raeta Mar’e, an elf cleric who wasn’t very talkative about her motives or all that trusting of the strange group of bloody little people carrying a dead dwarf. After releasing a halfling thief from the stockade and prying very little information from her, Neville, Graff and Raeta went to the Temple of Melandra and Sander skulked about trying unsuccessfully to find anything useful.

The headmistress of Melandra resurrected Brumbert and explained that Torvok, head of the town guard, had taken his men west and told everyone to lock their doors and prepare for a possible goblin attack. Brumbert paid up the reward he promised out of his chest, showing everyone a glimpse of an obviously powerful warhammer inside. He said he was going to sleep off being dead, and gather some horses to continue his trip and asked if the party would be interested in coming along as bodyguards. They agreed, but in the meantime they decided they wanted to go find Torvok and get their gold for their many goblin ears.

Deciding that they needed a rest, the crew hoofed it to the Green Tooth Inn, where an ugly and stupid half-orc fed them and gave them shelter. Raeta went back to the Temple of Melandra and learned from the headmistress that the Tomb of the Twin Goddesses that she was searching for was nearby to the west. Sander slipped into the Temple looking for his hippy chick, found her in the barn, made sweet, sweet love and then hit the do’.

The party assembled in the morning and made their way west, finally getting to Torvok’s camp in the afternoon. Serious coughing prevented anything further from happening and we will start there next time…


I forgot about the serious coughing. Things were getting a little hazy near the end there.

Thank Appar for this recap.


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